youtube crypto legends

There will be FUD, there will be FOMO, there will be Dubious Speculation and Actual Urgencies, but at the end of the may be just a Wednesday in Crypto...and hell, we still have one another

YTCL is a Metaverse ready/3D NFT collection about our favorite 12 intrepid men,

who have been guiding us around the dangerous corners of the Cryptoverse

No marketing plans, this is a small collection that's tribute to people many of us even consider friends & family, and was an artistic labor of love of one man for hundreds and hundreds of hours

There will be a total of

     48 YTCL NFTS:

Public:     12 Cards
                12 Figures in 360 view

Privately: 12 Half Voxelized Cards 

                    directly distributed to

                    those who have helped

                    me with the project

                12 Fully Voxelized figures

                    that will be given along                            with the actual 3D models 

                    to the Legends themselves